Jazzfrühling, Kempten

Apr 26, 2020

Finally back in Kempten for a full concert at Künstlerhaus!

May 10, 2020

This one is for free. And there is a lot more going on music-wise. And all the money from food and drinks sales goes to charity! Need more reasons?

May 15, 2020

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Past Shows

JazzNacht, Kempten

May 02, 2019

Our hosts painted a wall just for the occasion! :o

Kulturschranne, Dachau

February 07, 2019

We got to sign one of our CDs for an unborn fan! That's how you build a fanbase that lasts...

ars musica, Munich

January 17, 2019

What a fun concert! Lots of beautiful people in this beautiful venue! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

November 23, 2017

We totally filled the room! Not necessarily with people but - according to the press - with rocks, gorges and valleys.

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